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Required fields on non-active Tabs – Validation

  • Hello @elliot,
    I don’t know if it really is a bug, or if it’s a known problem.. but let’s go:

    just noticed that empty required fields (that are hidden in non-active tabs) pass on the post submit validation.

    If only the visible required fields are filled in, the other ones do not generate the error alerts.

  • I have this problem too. It wasn’t the case in the previous stable release. (4.2.2 I think)

  • Hi @augusto

    Thanks for the bug report guys. I’ll do some testing and get a fix out for this ASAP


  • Hi guys

    Thanks again for the bug report.
    I’ve tacked down the issue and fixed it.

    You can find the fix on github and will be included in the next version


  • Hi @elliot!
    Firstly thanks for the great plubin & and your support. I’ve scanned the support & saw that you always answer most thoughroughly.
    Greta job!
    So here I am with my ‘issue”, which I guess looks like what @augusto pointed out :
    I have created some tabs which show or not accordind to previous conditions. Theses tabs have some required files, but of course they are not filled in if the tab is not called by the condition…
    I wonder if that is the reason why , when I fill in fields in one of these fields & hit ‘return’, the form bounces back to the fist tab (eg. the one that shows first(..) and which has no restriction for showing…?
    A bug, an issue, most probabbly a mis-use of fields / tabs from my part ?

    Many thanks anyway

  • Hi @jmb

    When you hit enter, you are ‘saving’ the post, not updating the post.
    Saving a post bypasses validation, so when you say that “he form bounces back to the fist tab”, it’s probably the whole page is reloaded and the first tab is shown on page load.

    Could this be correct?


  • Hi @elliot,
    And thanks for your reply!
    Yes, I guess this is what might be happening.
    So the correct thing to do would be use the mouse / TAB ONLY to select skip from one field / tab to another…

    I understand the logic for hitting enter / saving, but I must be a mistake clients / end-users often make too !!
    I’ll just have to make sure that the client is well aware of this, as it seems more intuitive to ‘enter’ than anything else …

    Anyway, many thanks again for your prompt reply & clear answer.

  • @elliot,

    I now remeber why this behaviour felt so strange:
    It happens when I change the value (ie select a different…) option button:
    I have a default option button loded when I select the tab, and when I change it for another option, it keeps the newly selected option, but immediately bounces back to the first tab…! Obviously there is no other way of selecting another option than to click it with th emouse (tabbing selects the next field…), and that prompts the “tab-bouncing”….!

  • Hi @jmb

    Sorry, I’m quite confused in regards to your last comment.
    Can you please create a fresh topic and clearly state the issue and how to replicate it?


  • @elliot,
    Thanks again Elliot, I did just that and posted my fresh topic =>
    Many thanks again,

  • Hi @jmb

    Yep. Please see other thread for reply

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