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Requesting Link Field

  • On many different applications of ACF Pro I have had the following requirement:

    Allow a user to set an image in one field and then a link in another field (usually done with a repeater) and then in my template, apply that link to the image.

    This is fine in a basic setup by using the Image field and then the URL field. But, often, the linking is happening within the site, so it makes more sense to use the post object field and pull the URL from that based on what the user chooses.

    BUT, more often than not, the client needs the option to choose either an “internal” link (to a page/post on their site) or an “external” link to another website depending on the circumstance. In order to this, I have to use a toggle, a URL field, and a Post Object field with conditionals in the ACF interface as well as in my template file to first determine whether they’re choosing an internal or external link (with the toggle) before I can get the actual link and use it. It’s a bit tedious.

    It would be great if there was a Link Field (or perhaps an adjustment to the URL field) that allowed the user to enter EITHER an external URL or to choose an internal one from their site, all in one field.

  • What great timing! Thanks!

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