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Repository of Complex Fieldsets and Output Functions

  • I love ACF and find myself doing more and more complex things. In addition, the more I use it, the more I find myself repeating certain fieldsets or doing things that I’m sure others have done before.

    This has made me wonder if there could somehow be a way to easily share box exported field sets (probably XML would be most useful) and code for outputting those fields. GitHub Gists strike me as a good place to store the data but not to make it particularly find-able.

    To flesh this out with an example or two, I spent a long time making a really nice repeatable Organization Contact information field and then output all the info marked up with schema microformatting in a template tag. There’s no reason that someone couldn’t use that again on their project (or that I could have found someone doing the same thing first)! Other examples might include a Personal Profile, Repeatable Slideshow Slides, or even something as simple as an Address.

    So what do others think? How can we share our work and re-use that of others so that we all spend less time repeating each other and more time making awesome things?

  • Hi @mrwweb

    This is a great idea. The solution to which I am not sure, but I would like to see what other users come up with.

    Gists would be great… or maybe a git repo that has folders set up with all the .xml files and instructions?

  • Glad you like it, @admin 🙂 It seems like the big initial decision in building something would be whether to house the code or just serve as an index. Theoretically, it could even just be a forum thread, though that could get unwieldy pretty quickly.

    Hopefully some others chime in here and throw out other ideas!

  • I like the idea of a git repo rather than gists so as to give it some structure. Also, a repo would allow there to be multiple contributors, issue tracking, etc. There could be folders for each “package” (directory) along with .md files for instructions. And if Elliot wanted to tie this into the forum, I’m sure the Github API could help accomplish that.

    Update: Just created a test repo, invited @mrwweb and @elliot (on GitHub) to test collaboration. If this works out, I can transfer ownership.

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