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Replace WordPress native fields with values from ACF form

  • By default the ACF form has only native title and content fields available. If I wanted to add more data like tags, categories I see no built-in solution here.

    Is it possible to sync the custom ACF tags field I’ve made with the WordPress native tags? They are already deeply integrated into the website’s structure and that would make the transition to a new post uploading mechanism smooth. Would be awesome if it was possible to also add RankMath keywords fields and thumbnails this way.

    I assume the only way is by changing the acf_form_head()?

  • Hi Telion,

    If you create some additional fields, you can add them to the form.

    For example, if you create a field and select the taxonomy option, you can then specify categories as the taxonomy.

    When you call the form on your page, you can then include either individual fields OR you can call in the field group:

        'field_groups'	=> array(320),

    The group ID comes from URL when you’re setting up the additional fields:

    If you want certain fields only, you can use the below example:

        'fields'	=> array(

    Just change the field keys to the ones you need.

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