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Replace WooCommerce order meta with Advanced Custom Fields?

  • Some of you might be using WooCommerce. “Orders” created with WooCommerce cart are actually post types, and as such they have post meta attached. Order items (products) and their details become post meta. Of course it’s a bit more tweaked. WooCommerce offers a UI to add/delete/edit product item (meta) in the order. But I was wondering, would it be possible to filter out the WooCommerce default Order meta fields management with Advanced Custom Fields and eventually have better data handling? Has someone tried to do that?

    I reckon this is not really a “feature request” nor it should be something packed with ACF, but I wonder if someone had the same idea.


  • Hi @Fulvio

    Very interesting. Personally, I haven’t tried this before, but hopefully someone can post their findings here.


  • Thanks Elliot. I’m using extensively ACF in my WooCommerce setup. Now I’m the process of rebuilding the whole cart using ACF and custom forms, because my products have many meta and need specific user inputs. It’d be nice to organize these in the order post, but for this part I might have some limitations. Do you know where I could get freelancer help? Perhaps you could open a forum section just for that.

    ps – somewhat related: I’ve read your latest blog post and I’m very excited about this news. Maybe if you are looking for ideas you could further discuss it with your user base.

  • Hi @Fulvio

    Looking for a web developer? I would jump on google for that.

    Thanks for your feedback


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