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  • Hi …

    I am using the Options page to allow the user to upload a csv file that runs chart.

    Everything works except the file no longer overwrites the current data file instead it creates a copy as gas-elec-daily-1.csv instead of overwriting gas-elec-daily.csv. I am sure this was working but it seems to have stopped and I cannot work out why – so any pointers gratefully received.

    // Gas & Elec Daily
    add_filter('acf/upload_prefilter/name=gas_elec_data', 'field_name_upload_prefilter');
    function field_name_upload_prefilter($errors) {
      // in this filter we add a WP filter that alters the upload path
      add_filter('upload_dir', 'field_name_upload_dir');
      add_filter('wp_handle_upload_prefilter', 'rename_current_daily_upload', 11, 1);
      return $errors;
    function rename_current_daily_upload( $file ){
    	$file['name'] = 'gas-elec-daily.csv';
    	return $file;
    // second filter
    function field_name_upload_dir($uploads) {
      // here is where we alter the path
      $uploads['path'] = $uploads['basedir'].'/data';
      $uploads['url'] = $uploads['baseurl'].'/data';
      $uploads['subdir'] = '';
      return $uploads;
  • ** Ignore this – I have asked a similar question a few months ago **

    Alternatively – is there a way I can get the file field form within the Java file – currently using – field name ‘gas_elec_data’

    // Set up data source
    chart.dataSource.url = “”;

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