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Replace the value without erasing the rest

  • Hello! First of all, I want to say a big thank you to all the forum participants and especially to those who help free of charge in studying and solving problems. You are best!

    Now I will turn to my question:
    On the page I have a lot of Flexible block with the same Layout, same fields, but different values ​​in them

    (Flex-Name: players)
    (layout name: base)

    -Flexible block
    –Nick (text)
    –Profile (text)
    –uid (text)
    –Result (repeater)
    — R1 (text)
    — R3 (text)

    Flexible block is created after clicking the button in the Frontend ($ POST) and executing the code

    $fields = get_fields ();
    $field_key = "players"; // Flexible
    $value = get_field ($ field_key);
    $value [] = array (
    "nick" => "$current_user-> user_firstname",
    "profile" => "",
    "uid" => "$current_user-> ID",
    "result" => array (// repeater
    array (
    "R1" => "-",
    "R2" => "-",
    "acf_fc_layout" => "base"); // layout
    update_sub_field ($ field_key, $value, $post_id);
    update_field ($ field_key, $value, $post_id);

    When the page is formed and all Flexible blocks are created, I need to update the value of only one Layout, which contains the value equal to “$ current_user-> ID” and replace it with another variable.

    I have not been able to figure out on my own or find a solution on how to do this. All my attempts ended in nothing, or I completely demolished all the layout and left only one. I have read over 100 pages of forum, stackoverflow and Git.

    This removes everything:

    $flex_field_value = array (
    array (
    'acf_fc_layout' => 'base',
    'field_60e4264fe03db' => 'value for sub field',
    update_field ('field_60e4137bfc5ac', $flex_field_value, $post_id);

    All I need is to find one specific value among all layers and replace it without erasing other fields and layers.

    Thx for all.

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