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Replace Accordions with Modals

  • Hey Elliot!

    Love your plugin. We use it in every project without a doubt. I’ve been noticing though a usability issue with it though. When building out Field Groups that have a LOT of fields, the use of an accordion to edit fields and repeater groups doesn’t work too well. The problem I’m noticing is that it forces the user to do a lot of unnecessary scrolling, and disorients the user.

    I believe this can be solved by using modal boxes instead of accordions when editing fields and when editing a repeater / flexible content groups.

    Not sure if this is a feature request, as I believe its actually a usability issue.

    Either way, I’d love to know what you think.

  • I agree with these comments re: ACF’s field group builder interface. But, though I’ve found no GUI alternative, I’ve started using ACF5’s new local JSON feature to build out my field groups and found it to be a great alternate option. Especially if you use a JSON editor to keep everything neat and orderly! Still, I’d love to see a better GUI as the ability to quickly build, duplicate, and iterate field groups is, I’d imagine, a huge priority for most developers!

  • Interesting. What kind of JSON editor do you use?

  • I’ve found that Cocoa JSON Editor work’s well enough. (PS: I work on a Mac.) Nonetheless, this editor – as well as the other JSON editor’s I’ve played with – lack certain features that are key to creating or iterating on ACF field groups. For example, it would be extremely useful to be able to automatically generate unique IDs, save snippets (or somehow be able to automatically insert a predefined field or set of fields), among others.

    I think it would be relatively easy to build a web interface that solves most of these issues, but alack! I have literally zero free time at the moment…

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