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Repeaters in Flexible Content Causes Admin to Slow Down

  • I’ve seen several posts over the past few months/years about this issue, and have yet to find a viable solution/fix to it.

    I have a site that extensively uses flexible content blocks to output the site content. If I add any fields more advanced than a text field or a drop down, the admin slows to a crawl when I attempt to add a new content block.

    One of my content blocks uses some conditional logic, and a page selector to build out the link on a button inside the block. If I add more than 3 or 4 blocks to a page, the browser tab pretty much stops working. I cannot click on anything without waiting for a minute or two for the fields to be added. And each additional block I add increases the wait time exponentially.

    This seems like a major oversight, as the entire goal of flexible content is to allow the creation of multiple content blocks on a single page.

    Back in Feb 2014, ( this was a bug that was going to be fixed soon. Has there been an update on that yet?

    I’ve looked through previous posts about this, and I’ve implemented these changes:

    I’ve increased the admin memory limit:

    function theme_increase_mem_limit($wp_max_mem_limit) {
    	return "512M";
    add_filter('admin_memory_limit', 'theme_increase_mem_limit',10,3);

    I’ve also made an acf-json folder in my theme’s root, and resaved all of my field groups.

    Neither of these seemed to have any effect on the plugin’s performance.

    I’ve attached the export of my flexible content field group in case that helps.

  • Hi @jsites

    I’m afraid I can’t reproduce this issue on my end, even with the network throttling. I’ve attached a screenshot for your reference. Could you please check the requests load time on your browser developer tool? I used Google Chrome’s developer tool to check it.


  • @jsites did you ever find a resolution to this? i have a similar situation and i’ve tried all of the suggestions i can find to make the admin faster. i’ve disabled EVERY plugin, custom function, enabled json-sync and even tried switching to the default theme. strangely, the admin page loads in about 15 seconds in Firefox, Chrome is about 2-3 MINUTES…

  • @okadots I’m not sure what fixed it, but the site does not seem to have this issue anymore. They switched hosting companies, but I don’t know if the hosting change, site caching, or plugin update fixed the issue. Sorry I can’t be more help.

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