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Repeater(Repeater(Repeater(PostObject))) Trying to Add rows

  • Hello All,
    As the subject states, I am trying to work a setup with a Post Object inside 3 repeaters.
    Repeater(Repeater(Repeater(PostObject))) and do an add sub_row to the PostObject. Looking into my postmeta table, the values seem to have been inputed, but the values don’t show when editing the release. The resulting meta_key is release_discs_0_side_0_songs_0_song. Will this not tie back to the back end, or am I off on something. Anyone whiling to lend an eye and any advice would be greatly appreciated!



    Attempt 1

    $row1 = array('songs' => array('song' => $song_postID) );
    add_sub_row(array('release_discs', 1, 'side'), $row1, $release_postID);

    Attempt 2

    $row1 = array('song' => $song_postID) );
    add_sub_row( array('release_discs', 1, 'side', 1, 'songs'), $row1, $release_postID);
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