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  • I tried searching the forum and FAQs so not to bother you, but I struck out.

    We are building a real estate agency site with 6 Communities they manage. Each Community will have its own Page on the website. Each Community Page needs to show a list of Models (any where from 2-12 different models). Each Community has their OWN UNIQUE MODELS).

    I know I can create a Field Group (I tried it and it was great) so the client can fill out the form to display (Model Name, Photo, Floor Plan, # of Bedroom, Square Footage, # of Bathrooms, and Price Range). But, that CURRENTLY only appears ONCE on the Page Edit screen. My goal is to have them enter a Second instance of the same Field Group (and so on as needed). So when they are done entering Model #1, they can Enter Model #2, etc. Is there a way for me to do this using ACF? Is Repeater the answer? I didn’t download Repeater to try it because it costs so I want to make sure.

  • @edering

    Yes, it sounds to me like the Repeater Field add-on is just what you need. I’ve used it many times for jobs similar to what you describe.

    Have you watched the Repeater Field video?

    That should demonstrate the Repeater Field sufficiently for you to make an educated decision.

    Good luck!

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