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Repeater w/WYSIWYG – Drag & Drop Issue

  • Hello,

    I’m seeing an issue happening where paragraph and line breaks are being stripped out of WYSIWYG boxes inside a repeater. It only happens when I drag and drop the repeater groups to sort them in the post type they’re assigned to.

    I noticed that as soon as I start dragging the repeater item, the WYSIWYG box turns into a textbox, and this seems to be the point were paragraphs/line breaks are stripped out. As soon as I drop the item, everything that was previously on multiple lines is now on one line.

    Can you please confirm that you are also seeing this (I hope it’s not just me!), and if you have any ideas about a fix?


  • Hi @topdrawinc

    Thanks for the bug report.

    This should not be happening, as there is specific code to fix this.

    What version of ACF + repeater are you using?


  • Just tested this out and got the same issue!

    I’ll add this to the to-do

  • Hi elliot,

    Thanks for the quick response! I’m looking forward to the fix for this issue.


  • Hi @topdrawinc

    Just fixed this today. You will find the fix in the latest code on github

    Thanks again for the bug report.


  • Thanks again for the quick response. Unfortunately, I’m still having an issue with this. I downloaded the code from GitHub and tried it, and now all WYSIWYG fields are showing as blank when I load a post to edit it.

    The existing data is still being saved, because the data is there when the edit post screen is loading. As soon as the WYSIWYG editor loads, everything disappears. I couldn’t test the drag and dropping since there is no data in the fields.

    Can you please take a further look?


  • Hi @topdrawinc

    Can you please open your console log and report any JS errors on the edit page where your WYSIWYG fields fail?


  • Hi Elliot,

    I’m not getting any JS errors in the console log when I edit a post where the WYSIWYG fields fail. Are you seeing the same behaviour on your end?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi @topdrawinc

    Thanks for your help.

    I have tracked down the issue and have fixed the WYSIWYG blank issue and pushed to github


  • Hi Elliot,

    It looks like it’s working correctly now. Thanks again for your help and for the quick troubleshooting. This is one of the best plugins for WordPress!

  • Looks like this issue is back…

    – WP 4.1 with ACF PRO 5.1.5
    – Totally clean install to test this issue
    – ACF is the only plugin
    – Theme is bare except for WP_DEBUG enabled in functions.php
    – No PHP errors on admin page or JS errors in console

    The field group holds a repeater field with a WYSIWYG field inside. When editing a post, re-sorting the repeater causes the WYSIWYG field to remove all paragraph and line breaks. This only happens when the WYSIWYG is in Visual mode (Text mode preserves the breaks OK).

    I made a quick 1 min. screencast showing the issue here:

    Any ideas? Thank you!

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