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Repeater won't save in 5.1.8

  • Anyone else seeing this? I saw the thread on Flex Content fields not saving, but I’m experiencing this with the Repeater, too. The new support guys are… frustrating.

    I’ve set up a repeater for my Home page with one Page Object subfield. I can add rows and everything, but upon publish or save the Repeater clears it. I’ve tried this on a local instance and a remote instance. I tried it with a normal text field to make sure it wasn’t an issue with the Page Object field.

    Not getting any errors in console, just nothing saving. Export of the field data attached.

  • It seems to be a problem with a specific page (maybe?) because other repeaters are saving fine.

  • Well, deleted the page and created a new one, it works. I don’t get it.

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