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Repeater Subfield within subfield

  • Hi,
    I have a subfield within a subfield and I can’t seem to get it to show on the front end. The only thing that shows up is the Date and time. I seem to have lost the Event type, Location, Title and Speaker (they’re my sub subfields). any help much appreciated! (My php skills are limited)

    <?php if(get_field('event_programme')): ?>
                     <div id="g1-table-1" class="g1-table g1-table--solid ">
    			<?php while(has_sub_field('event_programme')): ?>
                <caption><h2><?php echo date('l, M jS', strtotime(get_sub_field('date'))) ?></h2></caption>
            <?php if(get_field('event_programme')): ?>
    		 <?php while(has_sub_field('event_details')): ?> 
             <thead> <tr> <th colspan="3">
    		 <?php the_sub_field('start_time'); ?> - <?php the_sub_field('end_time'); ?>
             </th> </tr> </thead> 
             <?php if(get_field('event_details')): ?>
    		 <?php while(has_sub_field('presentation_details')): ?>  
                 <tbody> <tr><td><?php the_sub_field('event_type'); ?></td> 
                 <td><?php the_sub_field('title'); ?><?php the_sub_field('speaker'); ?></td>
                 <td><?php the_sub_field('location'); ?></td></tr> 
             <?php endwhile; ?>
    	 <?php endif;  ?> 
           <?php endwhile; ?>
    	 <?php endif;  ?>         </table><p></p>					  	 
       <?php endwhile; ?></div>	
      <?php endif;  ?>
  • Ok I solved it – I should have pulled in
    <?php if(get_field(‘event_programme’)): ?>
    <?php while(has_sub_field(‘presentation_details’)): ?>
    instead of
    <?php if(get_field(‘event_details’)): ?>
    <?php while(has_sub_field(‘presentation_details’)): ?>

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