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Repeater sub-field order not updating in Gutenberg

  • I am using ACF Pro 5.8.0-beta3 and registered a custom block using acf_register_block(). I’ve created a repeater field with a Post Object sub-field and assigned it to the custom block. Everything shows up as expected on the front-end and back-end when using the custom block in a Page/Post.

    However, I’m noticing an issue when I have the maximum rows set to “3” and the minimum rows set to “3”. If I add the custom block to a Page and choose my desired Posts in the repeater, I am not able to change the order of the rows and have that change save properly; instead the original order that I selected the Posts is retained. If I edit the repeater field and set the minimum rows to “0” then I can change the order and save it just fine.

    Is this something that y’all can reproduce on your end?


  • I’m seeing this same behavior. But it doesn’t work even after I remove the minimum rows requirement.

    EDIT: After I remove the minimum rows requirement, I can rearrange the blocks with the exception of the first block. It always remains first.

    Here’s what the POST to admin_ajax.php looks like. For some reason, the first item has a [0] array key but the subsequent items appear to have hashed keys.

    action: acf/ajax/render_block_preview
    block[id]: block_5c5a09cdd6c41
    block[data][field_5c59f6ad04f2e][0][field_5c59f6ad0803b]: 4955
    block[data][field_5c59f6ad04f2e][0][field_5c59f745b0c76]: The Distillers League of Alabama logo
    block[data][field_5c59f6ad04f2e][0][field_5c59f6ad08084]: #f4f4f4
    block[data][field_5c59f6ad04f2e][5c5a09ead6c42][field_5c59f6ad0803b]: 4953
    block[data][field_5c59f6ad04f2e][5c5a09ead6c42][field_5c59f745b0c76]: Shoal Creek logo
    block[data][field_5c59f6ad04f2e][5c5a09ead6c42][field_5c59f6ad08084]: #a6a5a5
    block[data][field_5c59f6ad04f2e][5c5a0a03d6c43][field_5c59f6ad0803b]: 4945
    block[data][field_5c59f6ad04f2e][5c5a0a03d6c43][field_5c59f745b0c76]: Attune Health logo
    block[data][field_5c59f6ad04f2e][5c5a0a03d6c43][field_5c59f6ad08084]: #aaad00
    block[data][field_5c59f6ad04f2e][5c5a0a5ed6c44][field_5c59f6ad0803b]: 4876
    block[data][field_5c59f6ad04f2e][5c5a0a5ed6c44][field_5c59f745b0c76]: America's First Financial logo
    block[data][field_5c59f6ad04f2e][5c5a0a5ed6c44][field_5c59f6ad08084]: #ffffff
    block[name]: acf/logo-grid-block
    block[mode]: preview
    nonce: 057b20ab19
    post_id: 4974
  • Newly released beta4 appears to fix this so far.

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