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Repeater post_object items are reset when their respective pages are edited

  • Here is a summary of the issue.

    ACF repeater is used to select pages to display in a sidebar (post_object).

    All is fine, can edit this main page and no problems. However, editing one of the pages chosen as an option on this main page then resets that selection (leaving the others in tact) to the first item possible for selection.

    For example:

    Trust page – ACF repeater post_object is used and user choses 3 options – ‘Board’, ‘Clients’ and ‘About’. Page is saved and these options are saved accordingly.

    Then, the ‘Board’ page is edited and saved. Going back to the ‘Trust’ page sees ‘Clients’ and ‘About’ options still in tact, but the ‘Board’ selection has been reset to whatever is top of the select (alphabetical).

    Until the ‘Board’ page is actually saved again (and therefore cementing this reset option), the front end displays ‘Board’, ‘Clients’ and ‘About’.

    ACF: 4.4.11
    Repeater: 1.1.1
    WP: 4.6.3

  • I’ve now sent in 3 tickets regarding this bug, along with this forum post.

    Anyone here have any ideas? Do responses to tickets normally take 2 weeks?


  • Before I start, I’m not involved with the support you are contacting when you submit a ticket.

    I’m not sure I completely understand your problem.

    I get that you have a relationship field in a repeater field.

    If you add a related page to this relationship page.

    The you edit the page you just related.

    When you return to the first page one of the relationships has been changed to something else.

    I have tested a relationship field in a repeater field and I’m cannot recreate the behavior you are seeing.

    The first step you should take is to deactivate other plugins on the site to see if that corrects the problem. The next step would be to switch to one of the 20XX WP default themes. The only explanation that I can give with the information I have is that you may have some type of a conflict in your plugins.

  • Hi @hube2 – it’s not a relationship field. It’s a post_object field in the repeater.

    Page A – select various options in the repeater. Editing one of those selected pages then resets that value in Page A repeater to whatever is top of the select (dropdown).



  • I’ve also tried this with a post object field in a repeater, still no problem with anything resetting or changing when I edit a related post. Again, if this were me, I would start by deactivating plugins and trying an unmodified basic theme to find where the conflict is. In order to help I would need to be able to consistently recreate the issue, at the moment I cannot.

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