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Repeater not saving file field

  • Hello,

    I’m using ACF Pro and in a repeater type, the file is no saving:


  • Looking at the JSON code for this group, the field name of the repeater is empty. The field name cannot be empty.

                "key": "field_56437036a09b3",
                "label": "Assets",
                "name": "",  <=== MISSING FIELD NAME
                "type": "repeater",
                "instructions": "Upload downloadable assets",
                "required": 0,
                "conditional_logic": 0,
                "wrapper": {
                    "width": "",
                    "class": "",
                    "id": ""
                "min": "",
                "max": "",
                "layout": "table",
                "button_label": "Add Row",
                "sub_fields": [
  • Thanks I’ll look into it.
    I think the ACF admin needs some improvement, because it shouldn’t allow me to save something that’s guaranteed to not work.

  • I partly agree. A default name is added when the label field looses focus or the name field gains focus, unless you’re experiencing a javascript error. In order to save a field without a name you must delete it on purpose and then not enter a new one.

    I’ll mark this topic for the developer to take a look at.

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