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Repeater limit

  • It would be nice to take advantage of the ease of the repeater field, but at the same time have the option to place a limit on the number of repeater items.

    Let’s say you have a section on a page which, at the largest display size, has two rows of four tiles. It would be great to set it up as a repeater field with a limit of 8 items instead of setting up 8 individual fields or simply adding an instruction to the field that the maximum number is 8 and then hiding all items after the 8th using css. You would probably still add the instruction, but the css wouldn’t be necessary and the system stops the user once s/he reaches the limit.

  • What version of ACF are you using? Repeater fields have both Minimum and Maximum Rows settings. Not sure when this was added.

  • Apparently I have trouble seeing what’s right in front of me. Thanks and sorry to bother you, John!

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