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Repeater Label Name from textbox

  • Hi,

    I have Flexible content with repeater inside of it which contain group of fields labeled “Additional period”.

    I’m trying to find the solution of how to change the repeater label according to the textbox field inside of repeater (“Name of the period”):

    1. User click on button: “Add new period” (the repeater)
    2. the repeater field label named: “Additional Period”. It have a textbox inside where the user can add the name of the period
    3. When the user save the post, the label of the period in back office still “Additional Period” 🙁

    But i want it (“Additional Period”) to change to the name that he entered in textbox (for example “Childhood”)

    How it can be doable?

    Please help

  • Ok, I found the solution

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