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Repeater, inside flex, inside repeater issue

  • Hi

    I’ve run into an issue with nesting that I wanted to check out before I refactor everything. I’m basically facing the same problem as @LetterAfterZ in this thread:

    I have a repeater that contains a flex content field and one of the layouts in the flex content field contains a repeater. Everything works as expected and I get no errors. The exception to this is that the sub fields in the final repeater are not being rendered – regardless of the type of field used – the result is always false.

    I did as @elliot suggested and debugged the first repeater (results here :

    As you can see the final repeaters sub fields are blank (starts line 77). Bit weird this as the database shows the results as being saved (see same gist – line 205 onwards). The values post ids from a post object field.

    This is my code :

    Don’t think I’ve done anything daft there (tried using both have_rows and has_sub_field to no avail).

    I’m developing locally at the moment and my MAMP install has a reasonable memory limit so at a bit of a loss.

    Any help/advice would be much appreciated!

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