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Repeater in Tab focuses on first Tab when clicked

  • Is anyone having issue like this?

    When you click the add row button of a Repeater field inside a Tab other than the first one, it will display the repeater sub fields and then focuses the Tab to the first one. You then have to click that Tab again just to see the sub fields form.

  • I tested this and I can’t seem to replicate the issue.

    I have a field group with various fields scattered across three tabs.
    I created a repeater field (plus a test-sub field) on the 2nd tab.
    I went out and pressed “Add row”, and I’m still on the same tab. Although there is no focus on the sub field, I’m not taken away from the tab the repeater is on.

    This was tested on the latest stable version (4.3.4).

  • Thanks for the response @matiasvad

    However, I’ve tested this on both Chrome and Firefox but the issue still persists.

    Here’s a Screenr I made:

    If you notice in the video, the custom fields are located in the User’s profile. I don’t know if it is related to the issue.

  • Are you running latest versions of WordPress, ACF and ACF Repeater?

    I did a short screencast replicating your setup, in Chrome:

  • I do have the latest versions:

    ACF Version 4.3.4
    ACF Repeater Field Version 1.1.1
    Wordpress Version 3.8.1

    I replicated my setup and I think I found the issue. I actually have conditional logic in the tabs that triggers from the checkbox field above. It is somehow affecting the whole issue.

    See here:

  • Hi @exeQutor

    Can you please download the latest ACF from github. There are some JS fixes for tab + conditional logic issues.

    Let me know if this solves your problem.


  • Yay! That solved it. I have the latest version now from Github.

    Thanks @elliot!

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