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repeater in a repeater not working. Should it?

  • I’ve got a page that has a list of links to stockists.

    It also has a list of counties which then drop down to a list of stockists in that county (with links to their store).

    The first works fine.

    The second works fine setting up. But when I add data to the second repeater (For the list of stores in that county) and update it clears the custom form.

    Is this a bug? Is this too much to expect? What’d be the best way to work around it?

  • No I think this would be a bug if it’s not something that’s colliding within your own setup.. have you tried disabling all other plugins (blablabla standard wp testing)? The repeaterfields are supposed to be able to nest so your setup should work.

  • Hi @sturobson

    It is possible that your server is running out of PHP memory whilst rendering the page due to all the data.

    Perhaps you could take a look at your server logs for a clue

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