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Repeater Fields vanishing in Admin side

  • When I used a repeater field – it works great until the post is saved. Then it won’t show the values at all. The entire ACF area was empty. When I turned on standard metabox then I could see the box but no values or prompts to add values.

    I added a simple text input outside the repeater area and that showed.

    I changed back to no metabox. It showed the text input area but nothing for the repeater fields.

    Then I updated the featured images, updated, and the whole box vanished.

    I changed back to stardard metabox and the text input, but not the repeater values, came back.

    If you need access to the admin side, please email me.

    I’m running WP 4.8 and the latest ACF plugin/etc.

  • Hi @kwoodall

    I’m not quite sure I understand the issue completely.
    Would you mind putting together a short screencast to demonstrate the issue and the about ‘changes’ to highlight the problem?


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  • BTW…I restored back to the previous WP release (prior to 4.8) and the repeater field is showing fine there. So…4.8 issue?

    Kermit Woodall

  • Hi @kwoodall

    I am not familiar with a version 4.8, did you mean WP 3.8?
    What did you restore? Database? Files?

    You can use a website called screencast to make any recordings.


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