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Repeater Fields On Multiple Pages

  • Hi,

    This maybe a simple fix although I’m not sure.

    I have a field group which I have set to display on all Pages.

    Most of my pages will have the same content I input into the fields on a particular page.

    Is there a way to display the results of these custom fields IF the user doesn’t change them? Or will they have to input the same info on every page they wish to show it.

    Example on one page they have a list of download links. On 5 other pages they want the same download links, but on another page they want a different set.

    Can this be done?

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi DanielWinnard!

    Yes, you can use an option page ( Then in your pages you can do something like this:

    // current page download links (your different set of download links)
    $download_links_to_show = get_field(‘download_links’);
    // if you dont have links on that page
    if(empty($download_links_to_show)) {
         // use common download links
         $download_links_to_show = get_field(‘common_download_links’, ‘option’);
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