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Repeater Fields CSS issue on taxonomies

  • Hi, a little hard to explain but I try: We have around 10 fields in a repeater field. When using this, Above the Button “Add new field” a menu pops up with all 10 choices. They appear in kind of javascript list above the button.

    Only on categories, this list get cutted off by the table row above. And it is relly hard to track the CSS when this is a script generated markup. When loosing focus our software cant find it…

    What we do for now is adding a choice we can reach from the bottom of the list (9 & 10), then there is enugh space to view the whole list. After selected the desire section, we delete the first one…

    Im not live, so an image cant be provided right now, but I can email.

    Note, this is only on edit Categories for example. Everywhere else so far we use the repeater, the CSS is ok.

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