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Repeater field with multiple predefined templates and values

  • I have created a Post type for “Device” on my website by ACF plugin. I want to make a fully automatic part to display device specifications using Elementor and Repeater field, but it requires coding that I don’t know much about. I have shown the idea of displaying the specifications in the attached photo; To make something I think like this:
    1. Create a repeater field for all “device” post types.
    2. In that repeater field, create a select field so that I can choose the type of information that I want to display.

    As you can see in the photo, I have displayed 3 templates, each of which has a different number of variable and static values. The static values are such that I select it in the select field that I created earlier and then write the variable values that are different for each device.

    So far it is correct and I can even display the values in elementor, but I don’t want to write all the static instances for each device, for example you can see in the picture that each template has a “description”, all of them in all devices. are one

    What I want is this: I want to create a repeater in acf, which in the first step creates a select field (this select field should receive its choices from the options page or any other method in which new values can be added later slow.). Then ACF should recognize how many variables I should enter (for example, in the select field, I have selected the volume option, ACF should give me 3 text fields to enter those variables. Or, for example, if I choose CEO, it will give me a give a text field and a media field.)


    Also, i think this is a little close to what i’m looking for, but i couldn’t understand:

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