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Repeater Field wider than post/page edit screen

  • When I create a Repeater Field with several subfields they push out beyond the edge of the post/page edit screen and are obscured by the panels in the right column and there is no side scrolling or way to access the subfields.

  • Hi @greentent

    This is outside the scope of the ACF plugin.

    Also, this is a good indication of an issue with your admin UI and UX.

    Please consider re-designing your content architecture so that it is editable in the CMS.

    Note: The repeater field has an options for column width and row layout. Perhaps these will help!


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  • Hi @greentent

    I suggest that you checkout the ‘Options Page’ add-on for global data.

    As for the UX. Have you thought about adding some simple CSS to the page and making the .field wrapping div have a horizontal scroll for the overflow setting?


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