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Repeater field not saving and get_field returning false

  • Howdy folks! I’m working on a site on WPEngine. I’m running the latest version of ACF (4.2.2) with WordPress 3.6. All the add-ons are also up-to-date.

    I pushed a bunch of changes from staging to production yesterday and exported/imported some changes I made to two custom field groups.

    Here are some details:

    On production, before the change, I had a custom field group that had a repeater field called “slides”.

    On production, after the change, I removed that group and replaced it with a new group that included a “select” ( “display_type”) with a conditional field that now lets you select either the “slides” repeater (exact same name) or a new “tabs” repeater.

    Now, when I use get_field( ‘slides’ ), it returns false – even though the fields are there.

    On the backend, display_type is set to “standard_post” by default. When I select “slides” the UI displays with all the data showing correctly. I am unable to make any changes to it, though. Editing an existing slide or adding a new is not saved on update.

    Could it have something to do with the repeater being previously assigned to a different group? If so, how would I correct it?

  • I came up with a fix.

    I created a “slides2” in the new group and replicated all the same repeater fields. Then, I switched the names so that the “slides2” became “slides”. The recreation process did the trick. The data now saved and displayed just fine.

    Any insight into why this was the case is appreciated, but for now – we’re good!

    • Elliot

    • September 3, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Hi @sirjonathan

    Thanks for the debug info. It’s quite a bit to take in, but I think I’m following it.

    Off the top of my head, I’m not quite sure why this issue would happen, but I do know that WPEngine and ACF have some pretty major caching issues which may explain why the value did not come back as expected..

    I’ll keep it in mind in future work.


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