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Repeater field not displaying on profile page

  • Hi,

    I’m using acf_form() to display an edit form on user profile pages. All seems to work well except for the repeater fields. It displays the headings of the table, but the actual data is empty – clicking “Add row” (or “add venue” in the screenshot) doesn’t work or do anything either.

    There are no errors in the console, and I can’t even see the data in the web page code – so it’s not just that it’s not displaying.

    Screenshot and code below. Does anyone know what is the problem?

      <?php $options = array(
          'post_id' => 'user_'.$curauth->ID,
          'field_groups' => array(287),
          'form' => true, 
          //'return' => add_query_arg( 'updated', 'true', get_permalink() ), 
          'html_before_fields' => '',
          'html_after_fields' => '',
          'submit_value' => 'Update' 
      acf_form( $options );


  • Are you calling acf_form_head() in the template where the form is shown?

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