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Repeater field not deleting on front-end

  • If I delete a repeater row from the admin end in the page editor, it disappears, but when going to the live page, the content in the row still appears.

    These aren’t nested repeaters or anything complicated like that.

    This is not a caching issue, we’re running the site locally currently, have no caching plugins running, and have tested it on different browsers/incognito.

    Thanks for any help!

    Nevermind. I’ve sorted it out. The fields in the rows appeared based on conditional logic of a drop down selector. When a “selector item [a]” row was deleted, the row, say, “selector item [b]” would move up into it’s place. But the content filling the fields in “selector item [a]” still existed and populated those hidden fields in the selector item [b] row.

    We’ve updated the code to only show the fields depending on the selector item. This does make for a messier database though, so if there is an actual fix for fully deleting the information that’d be ideal

  • Glad you got this worked out. For others that are looking for something similar. You can’t depend on the existence or absence of data in conditional fields. ACF does not remove data from the database when a field is hidden by conditional logic and like the OP says, you need to base your display of the values on the same field that the conditional logic uses.

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