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Repeater Field new Layout Row

  • Hi,

    I’m a ACF Pro user. When I create a Repeater containing multiple fields, the problem is, that all fields are wrapped into one row in the Backend (WordPress) – they are basically output as one HTML-Table-Row. The fact that it’s a table means I can do little with CSS to change the layout.

    How can I add a “Line Break” so that Field 1 goes into the first line and Field 2-5 go into the second line?


    What I need:

    Remember, I’m talking about the output of ACF Pro wihtin a WordPress Editor Page, not in the website. I know how to do it in a website.

    Thank you so much,

  • Set the layout for the repeater to block. Set the width of fields 2 to 5 to 25%.

  • Sorry for the late reply – this worked perfectly, many thanks for your quick help!

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