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Repeater field name – duplicated?

  • Hey,
    I’m working on a friend website which uses ACF. For long time they use repeater fields with few subfields. Repeater field is called workshops and it include subfields like: date, place, company etc.

    At the moment I was trying to use one of the ajax filtering plugins. But during filter form creating I’ve found out very weird behaviour – when I want to create a dropdown based on my repeater subfield there is no single position called like workshops_date. There are quite few like: _workshops_date_1, workshops_date_1, workshops_date_2..

    Why is that? this is somehow connected with wrong ACF configuration or what? Because I cannot target a single field, im not able to populate the dropdown with all correct values.

  • ACF stores each value of a repeater in a separate entry in the DB based on the repeater field name, the row index and the sub field name.

    The fields starting with the _ are ACFs field key reference.

    This is the way that ACF works.

  • thank you so much for the clarification. So maybe you will be able to suggest me the proper way.

    My site includes quite few repeater fields. On a page “A” I’m showing all my posts from CPT and one of the details are their repeater field values. What im trying to achieve is to create filtering for that kind of thing. I’ve tried many commercial plugins and all of them has failed – mainly due to way repeater field are stored in DB.

    What should I do then?

  • The best thing that I can do is to refer you to this

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