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Repeater field it shows the taxonomy ID instead of the value text

  • Hello, I’m using a script I found to add repeaters fields using shortcodes. The script works fine for almost everything, but when I want to use a taxonomy subfield I get only the number ID. What I need to add or modify in this code to make this repeater shows the text value?

     * ACF Pro repeater field shortcode
     * I created this shortcode function because it didn't exist and it was being requested by others
     * I originally posted it here:
     * @attr {string} field - (Required) the name of the field that contains a repeater sub group
     * @attr {string} sub_fields - (Required) a comma separated list of sub field names that are part of the field repeater group
     * @attr {string} post_id - (Optional) Specific post ID where your value was entered. Defaults to current post ID (not required). This can also be options / taxonomies / users / etc
    function my_acf_repeater($atts, $content='') {
        "field" => null,
        "sub_fields" => null,
        "post_id" => null
      ), $atts));
      if (empty($field) || empty($sub_fields)) {
        // silently fail? is that the best option? idk
        return "";
      $sub_fields = explode(",", $sub_fields);
      $_finalContent = '';
      if( have_rows($field, $post_id) ):
        while ( have_rows($field, $post_id) ) : the_row();
          $_tmp = $content;
          foreach ($sub_fields as $sub) {
            $subValue = get_sub_field(trim($sub));
            $_tmp = str_replace("%$sub%", $subValue, $_tmp);
          $_finalContent .= do_shortcode( $_tmp );
      else :  
        $_finalContent = "$field does not have any rows";
      return $_finalContent;
    add_shortcode("acf_repeater", "my_acf_repeater");

    Code to show the shortcodes:

    [acf_repeater field="example-row" sub_fields="example-name, example-phone, example-image"]
      User: %example-name%
      Phone: %example-phone%
      profile pic: %example-image%
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