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Repeater Field in Options page

  • Hi,

    I have strange issue with repeater field.

    These fields are set to show on Options page ‘Fields’.
    I have entered some test values, but when i try to get_field, I get nothing.

    I have tried with some other simple text field, and it works.

    $property_type = get_field( ‘field_property_type’, ‘options’ );
    print_r( $property_type );

    this prints out nothing.
    I’m running a WP Multisite on localhost.
    I can see data in database table for wp_options, but cannot get them with the_field not with get_field.

    Any advice pls?


  • Well ain’t this a tricky one.
    I have found problem, my fields are named: field_myname.
    this ‘field_’ prefix I use makes problem while saving data.
    I have renamed it to ‘fld_myname’ and now it works.

    Can you imagine that.

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