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Repeater Field in functions.php

  • I’m trying to populate an array through the repeater field however this is not related to the issue.

    If i put the following code (from the documentation)

    $rows = get_field('repeaterfieldname','option');
    foreach($rows as $row)
    		echo '<li>sub_field_1 = ' . $row['field_name'] . ', sub_field_2 = ' . $row['field_description'] .', etc</li>';

    I get the following error Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach(), however if i put the same code into file header.php everything works, but i need that code to be in functions.php how can i fix this? Am i missing something ?

  • Is it within a loop? Don’t think get_field will work unless it’s within a loop?

    Test it by doing print_r($rows) before foreach, see what you get

  • It doesn’t need to be in a loop. I found out the issue is related to this

    since the repeater field i created is from an option not a custom field.

    • Elliot

    • September 14, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Hi @alexgold05

    If your code is within the functions.php file, it need to run AFTER the init action.


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