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Repeater (Field Groups) Sub-Fields Not Updating

  • Hey Guys,

    I’m using the latest version of ACF PRO (Version 5.7.9) and WordPress (Version 5.0.1).

    When I go into a post and update any of the repeaters (Field Groups) sub-fields and then click update, the data is not updated.

    It appears as if everything is OK after clicking update, but when navigating away, WordPress gives a warning about data loss and then when you return to the post, the old field data is still there.

    The changes are not reflected on the frontend either.

    No errors are shown when clicking update.

    Any help, greatly appreciated.

  • We are also experiencing this with WordPress 5.0.2 & 5.0.3 and ACF 5.8.0-beta3. Our sub-fields within repeaters do not seem to save correctly. Returning to the edit page displays blank fields and the data is not displayed on the front end of the site. No errors are reported in the PHP error log.

    Any word on looking into this problem?

  • It’s all due to the Gutenberg editor. ACF is not yet compatible with it.

    You’ll need to install the classic editor and activate it, then fields will save.

  • @garethdaine, that isn’t an option for me as I’m using the ACF Blocks for Gutenberg.

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