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Repeater field for earnings?

  • Hi

    For a translation service I have set up an environment consisting of custom post types for translators and for the orders. For each order, a translator is selected, and I have a repeater field for the order with details of the translation task. Now I would like to create a field for the payment, or how much the translator has earned for the respective order.

    Now I am unsure how to do this so that the field for the earnings is also linked to the translator and so that I can also display a total earnings in a template in addition to the individual earnings?

    I am aware that this can be done well with ACF, but I want to do this right from the start and my previous approaches/considerations with linked fields etc. felt wrong.

    How and where do I best place the fields so that they are linked correctly? It would be great if someone experienced from the community could show me a way.

    Thank you very much for your help!

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