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Repeater Field: Cannot read property 'collapsedRows-options'

  • I’m getting the following error via a repeater field, all other plugins turned off.

    Any suggestions?

    acf-input.min.js?ver=5.7.2:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'collapsedRows-options' of null
        at Object.e.getPreference (acf-input.min.js?ver=5.7.2:1)
        at acf.Model.load (acf-pro-input.min.js?ver=5.7.2:1)
        at i.addCollapsed (acf-pro-input.min.js?ver=5.7.2:1)
        at initialize (acf-pro-input.min.js?ver=5.7.2:1)
        at i.t (acf-input.min.js?ver=5.7.2:1)
        at i.acf.Model (acf-input.min.js?ver=5.7.2:1)
        at i [as constructor] (acf-input.min.js?ver=5.7.2:1)
        at new i (acf-input.min.js?ver=5.7.2:1)
        at Object.acf.newField (acf-input.min.js?ver=5.7.2:1)
        at Object.acf.getField (acf-input.min.js?ver=5.7.2:1)
  • I’m getting the same problem

  • I’m having the same issue and opened a ticket over 24 hours ago but so far I haven’t heard anything from support.

    Hopefully, this can be fixed soon.



  • This was solved for me with latest updates

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