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Repeater: Extra border width between repeater fields

  • Hey ACF team,

    I recently added a subtle styling change to the repeater fields, and it helped a lot.

    I just added a bit more border width betweeen the repeaters, and it helped visually see the end of one repeater and the beginning of the next.

    Here’s a screenshot example:

    This is 4px of border-width on top of row 2. HELPS SO MUCH ^_^

    What do you think?


  • I did something similar myself on a recent project, but in my case I made the border around each row of the repeater darker. I don’t think this is something that the developer will add to the plugin. But, this is the wrong place to suggest it. While the forum is called “feature requests”, the developer does not have time any more to actually look at them all and rarely visits these forums. He leaves answering questions up to others like myself. The best way to get any feature requests to the developer is to open a new support ticket

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