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Repeater Detail Page

  • Hello, I am pretty new to WordPress and just purchased the ACF Pro plugin and started using the repeater control. I created a page called Projects which has a repeater on it with three fields (Name, Description and Image).

    I can display the repeater on the Projects page beautifully. Now what I would like to do is get the id for the repeater item and display the individual item (Project) in a Project Detail page. Is this possible with the repeater control? Basically a list and detail page for the list.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • No, this is not possible. There isn’t a way in WP to create a page for a specific repeater value.

    You should have (maybe you already do) a custom post type for projects. You’d then show the list of projects on the projects archive page and then individual projects on the single project page.

    See and

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