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Repeater data in database

  • Hey, I’m using ACF PRO v5.8 and I’m struggling with getting ACF data from database. I’ve read other topics and resources where specific fields are stored, but I have troubles getting to that fields.

    To start with I’m trying to get to specific fields via terminal using this query:
    select * from wp_postmeta where meta_key="repeater_name" limit 10;

    It isn’t working for me though, I’m getting no results for my repeater. I want to retrieve values of specific fields and save them to other database fields related to my custom post type.

    If possible, please clarify what and where is stored by ACF.

  • The field key for the field in each row is a composite value


    something like

    where meta_key LIKE "repeater_name_%_sub_field_name"
  • I finally managed to fetch data from simple fields, but I cannot fetch repeater data. If I try:
    select * from wp_postmeta where meta_value LIKE "Sample data";
    I should get my repeater fields which contains sample data right? Is it possible to get whole repeater field or you can just fetch spearate fields?

    Okay, I found what was the problem. I couldn’t fetch these fields, because they were ACF fields attached to users, so they were in wp_usermeta table. Thanks for you help!

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