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Repeater collapse

  • Hi ACF-Team,

    thanks so much for this great plugin 🙂

    One thing would make long acf-interfaces, especially with repeater fields, more usable: a repeater collapse function.

    I know there’s a plugin for this (, but the author is not going to update it anymore.

    It would be awesome if you could integrate this as a core feature.

  • collapsible repeaters are part of ACF5, currently only available in the Pro version. There are some conditions for them to work right now and those may change in the future.

  • Sorry i’ve forgot to mention that i’m already using the pro version.

    Collapsible repeaters are already working in acf5? I couldn’t find the option for that. Or are they only possible for a certain layout type? Would be nice if this would work with block, row and table layout.


  • How to make ACF repeater fields more readable? This function will collapse repeater fields by default:

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