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Repeater and Gallery fields

  • Hi,

    I am new[ish] to ACF and wanted to check something.

    I am currently developing a website and need to populate a Bootstrap image carousel using ACF. Would I use the gallery feature for this or is there another way?

    Also, I need to add a features list to a page vertically aligned one after the other. Would I use the repeater field for this or is there another option?

    I presume both would require the PRO upgrade?



  • Hi @rob1969

    The Gallery field would make a great fit for the carousel requirement since you would be needing an array of images which is what the Gallery field API returns.

    If the features is custom post type, you could make use of a post object field or a relationship field to select the post that you want to appear on the list.

  • Hi @rob1969

    1. Yes, the gallery field would be the best approach to implement he carousel using ACF.
    2. The repeater would also be the best option for the frontend listing.

    Please note that ACF only works to make sure that the field values are accessible from the frontend using the API. The design and the layout is dependent on your sites design and implementation.

    Hope this helps.

  • Great. Many thanks James.

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