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  • Hello
    I have a few questions about repeaters.
    Is it possible to store the data from Repeater in its own DB table.

    How can I read data from a repeater.
    If the repeater has different fields.
    For example: Place, Quantity, Product, Totals has.
    How can I enter the data, for example in Goggle Date sheet. Or is that not possible.
    Gr Wolfgang

  • There are plugins that allow saving data to a different DB table, but there is nothing available that will work with repeaters.

    How to use a repeater

    Importing data requires a plugin that will work with ACF fields. One example is WP All Import Pro.

  • Thanks for the info, but I found that too. but not what solves my problem.

  • Hi @iceman333

    Which but does not solve the problem? If you provide more details, maybe someone can help!

  • It is actually relatively simple.I would like to create and evaluate a yearly catch list of all members for the fishing club.
    There are different waters, different fish species from the amount of fish weight is calculated.
    So this all works with repaeter.
    look here
    I can also create post of it and see them in a list view.

    Now would like to process the data further.
    in Goggle sheet, I can not read the repeater. Only completely as text. But no single repeater.

    With DB query I don’t know my way around.

    this is my problem.

    gr Wolfgang

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