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Reordering Field Groups

  • I’m using WordPress 3.8 and ACF 4.3.4. I have a page to which two field groups are applied. I cannot change the order that the field groups display. I’ve used different values in the “Order” meta box, as documented, but no luck.

  • Just tested and this is working as expected for me. Are both of your field groups set the same with regard to “position” (After title, after content…)? I didn’t work initially for me but I had one of my groups set to “High (After Title)”.

  • Weird. I tried it with some other field groups and it worked ok. I’m noticing another problem with one of the “unsortable” field groups: setting “Position” to “High (after title)” has no effect. Maybe something went wrong with that field group, somehow?

  • I just realized that you can use negative numbers when setting the order. I wonder if that’ll wake it up. 🙂

    I wish WordPress had a way to zap the PRAM sometimes.

  • Hi @joshua

    It is possible that WP is overriding the ACF field group order due to a drag / drop on the field group metabox.

    When you customize the order of the field groups, this data is saved to the DB and used on the page load to set the metabox order.

    Perhaps this explains the field group order?

    The only fix for this would be to find the data – most likely saved in the wp_usermeta table, and remove it.


  • Thanks for the wp_usermeta hint Elliot – that solved it for me.

    Just been tackling this problem for an hour (thinking it was me being stupid), then found this thread, and checked the wp_usermeta table. I deleted a couple of rows with my user id and the meta_keys:


    and now my field groups are displaying in the correct order, as defined by the Order No. meta field.

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