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Reordering Field Groups & Conditional Logic for field display

  • Hi,

    Is there any way to reorder the appearance of Field Groups? I need to use a few Field Groups on a single editing page, and I would like to be able to change the order of appearance. Would be great if Field Groups can be drag and drop reordered, just like this could be done for fields. Currently Field Groups appear in reverse order, by the time they were created.

    And another question – is there any documentation on how to use the “Conditional Logic” field option to hide or show a filed based on some logic (the last option when creating a new filed)? When I attempt to use this I see “No toggle fields available”, but I can’t figure out where to define these. I tried looking up in the documentation and forums but couldn’t find anything.


  • Hi @rumiana

    1. Yes, each field group contains an order number in the options metabox. Please use this number to reorder the field groups.

    2. Currently, there is not ‘docuemntation’, but the conditional logic will pickup any select, true / false, checkbox and radio fields and allow you to hide / show a field based on the other field’s value.


  • 1 – Can’t believe I missed that!
    2 – Got it – this is great!

    Thank you Elliot for building this awesome plugin!

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