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Reorder Repeater Fields on a per Page Basis

  • Hi. We have one Field Group that uses 5 Repeater Fields. (Each repeater field has 5 text subfields.) These are used for the client to create up to 5 Menus of Service (it is a salon, so imagine the Hair page having Menus called Women’s Styling, Men’s Styling, Children’s Cut, etc. I know that when in the ACF Settings, we can change the order. But, we want to know that if we can change the order on a per page basis of how they display. Not the rows, that is easy via click and drag. The issue is if we fill out 30 rows for Menu 1, and then 40 rows for Menu 2, there does not appear to be a way to Click and Drag Menu #2 to before Menu #1 on the Hair page so that lists first on the page. Currently, we would have to delete the data and restart each time. A pain. Is there a way to do this? A setting maybe to allow re-ordering of Repeater Fields on a per Page basis from within WP? thanks

  • hi. Can anyone please help with this?

  • Hi @edering,

    Thanks for the post.

    You would need to change the order number that is assigned to each field group under the field group edit page.

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