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Render an ACF Form

  • Okay, I need to render an ACF form and NOT have ACF process the input.

    In the form-front.php file I discovered the acf_render_fields() function and I created this function for rendering a form:

    function acf_render_fields_html( $post_id, $label = '-top', $instructions = 'field' ) {
        $fields = get_field_objects( $post_id );
        acf_render_fields( $fields, $post_id, 'div', $instructions );
        $form = ob_get_contents();
        return '<div class="acf-fields acf-form-fields "' . $label . '>' . $form . '</div>';     

    It does render the form, however it doesn’t fill in the values for existing form data in groups.

    It’s a work in progress, I’ll get it figured out, but if anyone else has already figured it out, I’d appreciate some help.

  • Does anyone know of an internal function to load the values from a post into a form?

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