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Removing Updates from PRO

  • I’m bundling ACF PRO with my theme and I read somewhere that the update functionality needs to be removed so that other users can’t get updates without a license. I’d like to know what are ALL the files and or folders I need to remove to prevent a person from being able to update the plugin without a license. Thanks.

  • Hi @Neal

    For ACF PRO to receive updates, a valid license key must be entered. By simply not handing out your license key, the plugin can’t receive updates!

    This is a different case with the v4 add-ons where you did have to remove a file to stop automatic updates.

    So in short, you don’t need to do a thing!

  • Thanks for the response.
    Here’s the problem though: You just sent out a update for the ACF PRO. The bundled ACF PRO in my theme, while hidden from the admin, still brings up a notification to update. There’s that little icon “1 Plugin Update”. But when a user goes to that page to find what’s new to update, there’s nothing there to update because they don’t have access. This is a problem especially if I’m using an older version of ACF PRO and confusing to the user because they’ll be scratching their heads trying to figure out what’s wrong.

  • Let me look into this further. You see, I have ACF installed as a plugin and ACF included in a theme all in the same WP installation. I’ll try another installation that doesn’t have ACF installed as a plugin to see if the problem is duplicated.

  • Hi @Neal

    I have a feeling that this is due to the plugin being installed as a plugin. WP wouldn’t be able to provide such a plugin message if the plugin did not exist.

    Let me know what you find


  • I just checked my other installation using the theme that has ACF PRO bundled with it. ACF PRO is NOT installed as a plugin (and never was) and it’s still asking me to update. I go to the plugin page and there’s nothing there to update.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hi Elliot, did you get my response?

  • I was able to get rid of the notification by changing the version number to the latest: in the acf.php file:

    'version' => '5.1.5',

    So I can probably make this a really high version number and never have to deal with it, unless I want to update it.

  • I also bundle this internally with my themes/plugins and I addressed this by commenting out line 39 (connect update) and line 42 (settings) in /pro/acf-pro.php. This removes the notification that an update is available. So no need to constantly change the version number or to set one super high.

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