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Removing a row won't update following rows index in editor

  • In the free version this was working fine (that I know)

    The pro version doesn’t update the rows in the post editor when you remove a row.

    It does update the following rows when you ADD one, but not when you remove it (maybe because I’m removing the same row on which I clicked the + button to add the new one? )

    E.g. I clicked the + button on row 6. I copied what I needed from 6 (now showing as 7, since the new row takes its place) to create the new 6 (because I can’t just switch layouts…) and then I deleted number 7 (former 6), and the next row below it says 9!

  • Not completely sure I understand what you are referring to. I’m assuming you mean repeater field rows. But do you mean the number that displays for each row on the left side. These seem to be updating when I both add and remove rows in the middle of the pack.

    Can you provide some screen grabs to show what you’re seeing?

  • “Both adding and removing rows in the middle of the pack” doesn’t necessarily mean to follow the instructions I mentioned above.
    You have to delete the one RIGHT after the one you just added. (i.e. the one you clicked the + button on, to add the new row)

    Yes, I mean the little number at the top-left of each row.

    Here’s the screen capture.

    ACF pro 5.2.7
    Chrome v43
    No error in console.

  • You’re screen shot explained a lot. I thought you were talking about a repeater field and not a flexible content field. I have tried it and it works the way you describe. I will see what I can do about bringing this to the developer’s attention.

  • Hi @sergiozambrano

    Thanks for the bug report.
    I’ve found and fixed the issue and will release it in the next version


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